Alexander Pfister

Alexander Pfister was born in Austria in 1971. He is married and has a daughter. He studied economics and has been working in Vienna ever since, now as a full-time game developer. He has already won numerous awards, including "Kennerspiel des Jahres" in 2015 and 2016.

Game: Maracaibo


Saashi is a game designer and representative of the publishing label "Saashi & Saashi", which he founded in 2015 together with his wife, the illustrator Takarai Takako. He had been developing games since his childhood, but it was only when a friend gave him a German board game after a long break in 2009 that he took up game design again. He was inspired anew by the many frequent players he met after moving away from Kyoto. Today, Saashi has published 6 games and (true to his motto) continues to develop attractive games that emerge from a strong connection between mechanics and theme.

Game: Coffee Roaster

Marco Pranzo

Italian Marco Pranzo has been developing his games between Rome and Siena since 2008 and he has no plans to stop any time soon. He particularly loves creating ugly prototypes, preferably in black and white. Because if the tests with such prototypes are successful, they are all the more valuable.

Game: Manitoba

Remo Conzadori

Italian Remo Conzadori has been designing his games on Lake Garda since 2008, paying particular attention to their mechanics. Even before he began entrusting his projects to publishers in 2012, he was already achieving good placings in competitions. Today, he is actively involved as an administrator in the main forum for Italian game developers "IDG" and at the game designers' meeting "IDEAG".

Game: Manitoba

Inka & Markus Brand

Inka & Markus live in Gummersbach with their two children. In 1999, as passionate gamers, they met an editor at a "games weekend" who asked them to test a few games for him. Shortly afterwards, they were in the mood and, above all, had ideas for their "own invention". This is how they went from players to testers to authors. However, it was to take a whole 6 years before the first game hit the shelves in 2006. In 2015, the two have already published over 75 games and still have a head full of ideas!

Game: Orléans Invasion


Jeffrey D. Allers

After working as an architect in Berlin, Jeffrey D. Allers was introduced to "German boardgames" by friends and was immediately enthusiastic. He later joined a game group in which some game designers were testing their prototypes. Inspired, he began to develop his own ideas. He wrote the series "Postcards From Berlin" for "", in which he reported on his experiences as an American gamer in Berlin. Today, Jeffrey D. Allers has already published more than 10 games. His motto is: "The architecture of play is an inescapable art."

Game: Citrus

Martin Schlegel

After studying economics, Martin Schlegel initially worked as a statistician. As a chess player, he was team champion of North Rhine-Westphalia in his youth. He has been inventing games since 1990. In 2006, his game "Aqua Romana" was nominated for "Game of the Year". "Bangkok Klongs" is already his 36th publication.

Games: Bangkok Klongs, Key West