Klemens Franz

Klemens Franz attended an art school in Graz and worked as an assistant for new media after completing his studies. He has been illustrating board and card games for publishers of all sizes since 2006. He is married, has three children, two cats and lives in the Styrian volcanic region in south-east Austria.

Games: Orléans Stories, Altiplano The Traveller, Moorea, Altiplano, Orléans Trade & Intrigue, Orléans Invasion, Orléans and more


Dennis Lohausen

Dennis Lohausen is an illustrator and lives in Cologne. This has been his masterplan from the very beginning. What he particularly likes about illustrating games is that the degree of creative freedom within the given requirements is quite high: no two games are the same and there are always new challenges that need to be mastered.

Game: Manitoba