Atlantis Exodus

The legendary Atlantis is shrouded in so many stories and myths that it is said to have completely drowned in a single night. Atlantis Exodus is set in the 5 years before the sinking. The players and their kings must try to save as many of their subjects as possible in order to take their acquired knowledge and skills with them to another world and time. 

The Atlantis city rondel with its rotation mechanism constantly presents the kings with new strategic challenges, as the possible actions are always changing and require them to rethink and adapt their chosen strategies.

Atlantis Exodus will be published by dlp games in autumn 2024 for 1-4 players aged 14 and up, playing time approx. 90 minutes. The RRP is €62.50. You can order Atlantis Exodus from now on at the pre-order price of €55 (for pick-up in Essen, otherwise plus shipping costs) in our web shop:

The first great expansion for Evenfall:

The Crystal Path

Once again, the World-Tree opens its gateways and the supernatural awakens. But this time it doesn’t just mark the beginning of a new era. With the dawn of a new direction, magic that was once believed to be lost flows to the land via the Crystal Path, drawing in new clans from far and wide. There is much to discover but the goal remains the same: Fight to secure a place on the magical throne! 

This expansion to the base game Evenfall contains two new clans, a Crystal Path and many new Rituals, Specialists and Places of Power to explore. With a new catalyst - the crystal - you will unveil a new form of magic. Parts of this expansion can be modularly integrated into the base game.

The Crystal Path is played with the base game Evenfall and will be published by Nanox games in 2024. The RRP is €34.95.

From now on you can order the english version of The Crystal Path over the following link at the pre-order price of €30 (trade fair pick-up price, otherwise plus shipping costs).

A great price for a great bundle: 

Evenfall and The Crystal Path

And for all those who don't yet know the great game Evenfall, we have put together a great bundle consisting of the base game and the expansion. So order your bundle today for €60 (RRP €89.95) directly in our web shop:


a Tactical tile-laying game for 2

During the mating season (German: Balz), the exotic bowerbird builds spectacular and colorful nests to attract other birds. If it weren't for his rivals trying to do the same ...

In Balz, you compete against each other as opponents and gradually build a splendid display (i.e. the nests) with tiles. There are various elements with which you can score points. 

The trick: each of you only knows part of the victory conditions. However, you can draw conclusions from the way your opponent sets up their nest and use them for your strategy - unless they have bluffed!

Special tiles, interesting rule variants and flamboyant material round off the tactical gaming experience.

Includes a mini-expansion!

The new 2-person game Balz from publisher game's up will be released at Spiel 2024 in a german edition and is distributed exclusively by dlp. You can now secure your copy at the preorder price of €23,50 here and pick it up at the trade fair (plus shipping costs if sent to you). The MSRP for Balz will be €29,80, price at the fair €25. You can order the german exclusive version in our web shop:

Pirates Of Maracaibo - Commanders:  

the 1st expansion!

After cruising the Caribbean in search for fame and treasure as a privateer in Pirates of Maracaibo a new challenge awaits you with the Commanders expansion!

Now you represent a notorious ship commander or a feared captain, whose special abilities bring even more tactical finesse to the game. In addition, you can now equip your ship with cannons to gain access to the fortifications of certain islands - because there are riches to be found too!

New explorer boards, cards and rum trading take Pirates of Maracaibo to a whole new level. Hoist the anchor, the final voyage begins!

The Commanders expansion requires the Pirates of Maracaibo base game. For 1 - 4 pirates, it is available in a German and an English edition for Spiel 2024 published by game's up. The playing time is approx. 30' per player and is aimed at an age group of 12+ like the basic game.

You can now pre-order the english edition of Pirates of Maracaibo - Commanders at the pre-order price of €24 (Pick up at the booth otherwise plus shipping costs) in our web shop:

Pirates of Maracaibo: Playmat

The official playmat for Pirates of Maracaibo!

The playmat features the game’s Caribbean card layout significantly helps with setup and play of the game. Furthermore, it enhances the Caribbean feeling on the table with its cool look. In general, this playmat can also be used with the the alternate card layouts.

Constructed of thick 2mm neoprene with stitched edges, this playmat will stand the test of time. Sized at 59×44-cm, the playmat comes in a cardboard display box.

The game's up play mat can now be ordered from our shop at a price of €23,90 plus shipping costs or free of shipping costs if you pick it up at our exhibition stand in Essen. Here you can find it in our web shop:

The Pirates of Maracaibo Superbundle:

Exclusively for pre-orders and limited to 85 bundles!

With this bundle, consisting of Pirates of Maracaibo, Pirates of Maracaibo Commanders, Pirates of Maracaibo Playmat, Promo: New Figureheads and metal coins, you can save approx. 30% compared to the individual prices. The Superbundle is now available for the price of €99 (pick up price, otherwise plus shipping costs) in our web shop:

Last but not least, you can still pre-order until 30.09.2024:

The limited Orléans Anniversary Box

Everything from Orléans and much more in an almost outrageously great set!

Everything a gamer's heart desires, including a customised inlay, printed wooden figures and player bags, metal coins, a metal starting player marker and much more....and of course the game itself, all previously released expansions and Place tiles and 3 brand new Place tiles.

The box can be pre-ordered from us, and only from us, until 30 September 2024 (or while stocks last) at a price of €199 (plus shipping costs). This box will not be available in the shops. If there are any remaining copies, we will sell them at SPIEL 2024 in Essen. And here you can pre-order the English edition:

10 years of Orléans

We want to celebrate that with you!

The ORLÉANS ANNIVERSARY BOX contains all 3 expansions ORLÉANS INVASION, ORLÉANS TRADE & INTRIGE and ORLÉANS THE PLAGUE as well as all PLACE TILE SETS. And as a bonus, we have added 3 brand new Place tiles!

The ORLÉANS ANNIVERSARY BOX is LIMITED and will not be available again. It is only available as a pre-order from dlp games in the shop and only while stocks last.

From now on, pre-orders are possible with binding payment at the Price of 199€. The pre-order period ends on September 30, 2024 at the latest or while stocks last.

If so, remaining copies will be sold at our booth at the SPIEL'24 in Essen, Germany (without guarantee). This box will not be for sale in retailers shops.

Order you copy of the english Anniversary Box right now in our Webshop.