Players (1-4), Length (90'), Age (14+)

Designers: Konstantinos Karagiannis, George Halkias
dlp games

Year of Release: 2024

EAN: 4260184330942

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years!

The legendary Atlantis – shrouded in so many stories and myths. An island realm that was reputed to have completely drowned in only one night.

ATLANTIS EXODUS presents the kings with the challenge of rescuing as many citizens as possible before the impending downfall and, by doing so, also saving the knowledge they have acquired for a different world and time.

In ATLANTIS EXODUS with its innovative rotation mechanism, 1 – 4 kings have to face constantly changing conditions and keep adjusting their own strategy to the different action possibilities in order to ultimately become the savior of the achievements of their time.


1 Gameboard, consisting of 1 Atlantis city rondel and 4 island sections, 4 player boards, 20 Residence tiles, 25 Workshop tiles, 15 Agora tiles, 12 Monument tiles, 18 Ship tiles, 8 Catastrophe tiles, 1 Year token, 75 Reference Book tiles, 20 Gold coins, 16 Favor tiles, 90 Cards, 120 wooden figures in 3 colors, 1 cloth bag, 1 rule booklet English, 1 rule booklet German

In each player color:
1 King, 1 High Priest, 1 Order token, 1 Score marker, 1 100-point marker

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