Bohemian Villages


Players (2-5), Length (30'), Age (8+)

Designer: Reiner Stockhausen
Illustratios: atelier 198

Year of Release: 2016

EAN: 4-260184-330201

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years!

Bohemian Villages, the new game from dlp games, combines the elements of luck and strategy.

Four dice are needed to settle down in the Bohemian villages. There are many different ways to form sums from the dice rolls and place your own figures. In the villages, you can open shops, run factories and mills or manage inns. Players can also move into manor houses, churches, farms and town halls to earn different amounts of income. Each building has a different score.

The special feature: Buildings that are lucrative at the beginning become less attractive as the game progresses. Others, on the other hand, only generate income once the game is over, meaning that the strategy has to be adjusted as the game progresses. Once all the buildings of one type are occupied, you can even throw them out, so that it remains exciting until the end to see who has earned the most money in the Bohemian villages.

The "Bohemian Villages" by Reiner Stockhausen is an easy-to-learn family game that is also aimed at more experienced players due to its strategic demands. With a duration of approx. 30 minutes, it is also ideal as an "in-between game". The illustrations are by Klemens Franz. The game is suitable for 2-5 players aged 8 and over.


9 Bohemian villages, 65 wooden figures, 4 dice, 5 overview cards, 81 coins, 7 glass tokens, 6 flour tokens, 8 inn tokens, 7 special action tokens, 1 bishop token

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