Players (1-4), Length (40' per Player), Age (14+)

Designer: Alexander Pfister
Klemens Franz
Markus Müller

Year of Release: 2021

EAN (deutsche Version): 4260184330706
EAN (english Version):

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years!
German / English

1. Expansion: Boonlake: Artifacts

Finally, you have arrived at Boonlake. The abandoned region along the shore of the lake of the same name almost seems uninhabited; there is only a small group of people, watching over nature and trying to develop life according to their own ideas. The land has hardly been explored, but the gorgeous surroundings will provide valuable opportunities to improve the lives of Boonlake‘s inhabitants. On your turn, you have to choose one action, and all of you will benefit from it. Exploring, settling, breeding cattle, hiring, modernizing, building, sailing… What goals will you pursue? It‘s all up to you – in BOONLAKE.

Boonlake is available in a purely German and a purely English version.


1 set of instructions, 1 game board, 1 action board, 7 action strips, 165 project cards, 42 building tiles, 16 scoring tiles, 36 levers, 12 double-sided stickers, 10 solo tiles, 1 starting player marker, 62 coins, 14 vases, 4 region markers, 4 double-sided player boards, 40 inhabitants , 24 houses, 8 boats, 12 player markers, 16 settlements, 20 cattle, 4 ships, 4 100-/200-markers, 16 production sites, 16 scoring markers

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