Coffee Roaster



Players (1), Length (10-30'), Age (12+)

Designer: Saashi
Publisher: dlp games
Translation: Sybille & Bruce Whitehill
Illustrations: Andrea Boekhoff
Grafical Design: Martin Kleinke

Year of Release: 2019

EAN: 4-260184-330348

Rules: Deutsch/Englisch

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years!

Would you like to be let in on the secrets of coffee-roasting? In the one-player game Coffee Roaster, you try to create the perfect cup of coffee. To this end, you need to have the right touch and a good nose for harnessing the full potential of the coffee beans.

Roast the coffee beans skillfully, place Flavor tokens on the gameboard, and use the effects. After that, the roasted beans are processed and, finally, the decisive cup-testing takes place: Will it be the creation of a true master roaster?


1 double-sided game board "Roasting board", 1 game board "Cup tasting", 1 double-sided game board "Thermostat and roast counter", 1 round marker, 1 roast marker, 1 cloth bag, 103 bean tiles, 16 flavour tiles, 19 other tiles, 5 tiles "Cup effects", 2 sets of 22 double-sided coffee cards (DE, EN), overview card, info card, scoring pad, rules (DE, EN)

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