Players (2-4), Length (30-45'), Age (8+)

Designer: Johannes Schmidauer-König
Claus & Antje Stephan 
Markus Müller
Rule Setting:

Year of Release:

EAN: 4260184330720

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years!

The year is 1762. Catherine the Great was recently proclaimed the new tsarina after a coup d'etat after Peter III. had to abdicate. You take on the roles of advisors and try to win Katharina's favor so that at the end of the game she orders you to her right-hand side as the most important person of trust. The possibilities are manifold: You can focus on the expansion of the empire, decide on a warlike orientation, get involved in the flourishing trade in goods or concentrate on art. In the end, Katharina will decide who impressed her the most...


1 gameboard, 102 project cards, 8 order cards, 48 goods tiles, 6 joker tiles, 4 50-/100-markers
in each of the 4 player colors: 12 residences, 1 favor marker, 1 victory-point marker

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