Players (2-4), Length (90'), Age (12+)

Designer: Arve D. Fühler
Dennis Lohausen
Grafic and Layout:
dlp games

Year of Release:

EAN: 4260184330379

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years!
Marktstand (DE) / Market Stall (EN)

In the early Middle Ages – the heyday of ecclesiastical power – no less than five monasteries were built in a beautiful valley, designating themselves to spread the Word of God. As the dean of a cathedral school, you try to accommodate the novices entrusted to you in the monasteries and thus establish a distinguished reputation. You send novices, according to their talents, to the monastery buildings, the chapel or the cloister. In doing so, the advocacy by influential personalities or other monks is not to be underestimated. In addition to this, you can fulfill the special missions of the monasteries and help to build the church window of your cathedral in order to raise the glory of your school even more. After the three-year novitiate, it will turn out who has been able to gain the most fame and honor with his apprentices


1 large double-sided game board, 1 Hourglass marker, 1 Chalice marker, 40 Church Window tiles, 15 Mission cards, 28 Influence tiles, 20 Rosary tiles, 16 Soup tiles, 12 Tool tiles, 8 Book tiles, 4 overview cards, 10 neutral dice
For each player (in 4 player colors): 1 two-part player board (consisting of an Action area, a Church Window area, plus 5 Action tiles,1 Reroll tile, 1 Messenger, 24 Novices, 3 Personal dice, 1 „100-points“ tile, 7 Marking discs

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