Only available from us, we have included everything that has been published on ORLÉANS to date in the limited Anniversary Box, in a truly luxurious setting.

What you can expect in the Anniversary Box

Limited box (approx. 313x424x110mm) with embossed print and gold finish

Customised inlay for all game components with removable boxes

Big improved gameboard with individual city designs and new backside for the "Invasion" scenario

Optimized playerboards, Benificial Deeds and Scenario boards with glossy finish

Updated hour glass tiles

Individual traders printed on both sides and newly designed trading stations

All wodden followers with print on both sides

Embroidered bags in player colors

Printed goods, technology tiles and citizens made of wood

50 Heavy metal coins

Enameled start player token made of metal

The Anniversary box combines every Expansion printed so far!

Oppose the invasion cooperatively or prove your skills in one of the other scenarios.

adjusted back of the basic game board for the “Invasion” scenario

scenario boards for the “Invasion” scenario combined into a folding plan

reworked carpenter for the "Prosperity" scenario

boards printed on both sides for the scenarios

including promo scenario “The Journey to Tours”

Change the feel of Orléans with the original modules of "Trade & Intrigue".

alternative hourglass tiles provide more variety

fulfill orders by delivering goods to the target cities

use the varied beneficial deeds "Trade" or the highly competitive board "Intrigue"

The plague has struck Orléans. Will you manage to master the new challenge?

corpses will fill your bags and block the market

the plague doctor can only provide limited relief

you can get rid of the corpses using indulgence cards

be careful: plague cards make the situation even worse

Every Place Tile Set printed so far

3 brand new Place Tiles incl. Dice

60-page, revised rulebook with alphabetical listing of all Place Tiles in the appendix

Order the english edition of your limited Anniversary Box today for 199,- € in our webshop.

All graphics, materials and packaging are subject to possible changes to the equipment.