Orléans: Invasion

Players (1-5)*, Length (90'), Age (12+)

Designers: Reiner Stockhausen, Inka & Markus Brand
Illustrations: Klemens Franz | atelier 198
Editors: Stefan Malz, dlp games
Translation: Grzegorz Kobiela

Year of Release: 2015 - 2019

EAN: 4-260184-330195

Rulles: German/English

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years!

2. Expansion: Orléans: Trade & Intrigue
3. Expansion: Orléans: The Plague

Note: The base game Orléans is required for this expansion!
The 5-player upgrade for the base game may be required for the five-player game.

New game worlds in an old bag!

After a long, peaceful time in the region around Orléans, unrest is spreading. Invaders are threatening the city! Time to leave competitive thinking behind and work together to protect Orléans ... In a total of 6 scenarios, you can discover completely new game worlds centred around the popular bagbuilding game.

The invasion (co-operative scenario)

Arm the city against the impending invasion in the co-operative version! Fill the granaries together, reinforce the city walls and secure the borders. In addition, each of you must master an individual task. And a new challenge awaits you in every round: sometimes arsonists are on the loose, sometimes rats are raiding the supplies. You'll be glad of some unexpected support ...

The heyday (scenario for 2 to 5 players)

This variant brings secret missions into play, which earn additional points. Move the carpenter to the right place to erect buildings and ensure that they are managed.

3 Solo scenarios (scenario for 1 player)

Complete tasks on your own in solo scenarios of varying difficulty. In addition to the right strategy, you also need the luck to pull the right person out of the bag at the right moment.

The Duel (scenario for 2 players)

In the intermediate variant "Duel", you fight against each other. Whoever fulfils all four tasks first wins the game. If you manage it in the same round, your supplies decide who wins!


1 two-part game board, 5 scenario boards, 5 "support" action boards, 5 "carpenter" action boards, 1 ""assembly hall" board, 1 "town hall" action board, 5 cover tiles, 31 co-operative hourglass tiles, 22 "special building" tiles, 7 location cards, 2 citizen tiles, 22 building cards, 9 character cards, 1 overview card, 1 "carpenter" figure, 10 marker tiles, additional coins, 2 rulebooks (German, English)