Joan of Arc - Orléans Draw & Write

Players (1-5), Length (45'), Age (10+)

Designers: Reiner Stockhausen & Ryan Hendrickson
Illustrations: atelier 198
Markus Müller, dlp games

Year of Release:

EAN (deutsche Version): 4260184330737
EAN (english version):

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years!

The Draw & Write version of the classic ORLÉANS also puts 2 - 5 players at a distance together to pursue the best possible strategy on their own game board and to block important chances of winning for the other players.

In solo play, the heroic Joan of Arc will do whatever it takes to emerge victorious from her opponent.


1 Rulebook, 1 big double-sided pad, 5 pens, 27 follower tiles, 30 place cards, 18 solo cards, 1 bag