Orléans Stories

Players (2-4), Length (60-180'), Age (12+)

Designer: Reiner Stockhausen
Publisher: dlp games
Illustrations: Klemens Franz | atelier 198
Rulesetting: atelier 198
English Translation: Sybille & Bruce Whitehill | Word for Wort

Year of Release: 2019

Note: Orléans Stories is a stand-alone game that is not connected to the previous Orléans series.

EAN of the German edition: 4-260184-330355
EAN of the English edition: 4-260184-330362

Expansion: Orléans Stories 3&4

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years!

The fertile valleys of the Loire around Orléans, the first settlers, emerging prosperity and great catastrophes - these are the ingredients for the tales of Orléans Stories. The well-known bag-building mechanism of Orléans has been further developed into a storytelling experience in which players go through different eras and face different challenges.

Orléans Stories is an epochal work in the literal sense of the word, in which players both pursue their own strategy and act together with their fellow players. Orléans Stories includes 2 stories: The First Kingdom and The King's Favor. In both of the stories, the players go through successive eras, each with different conditions and rules.

While The First Kingdom leaves it up to the players to decide which strategy to follow and where and for how long to stay, in The King's Favor, players progress together and must complete certain tasks within the specified timeframe of each era in order not to be eliminated prematurely.


1 large gameboard, 1 Marketplace board, 1 Control board, 1 Era board, 6 double-sided Beneficial Deeds, 4 player boards, 4 cloth bags, 48 Settlers, 20 Fortresses, 12 Churches, 12 marking cubes, 29 Area tiles, 13 Fame tiles, 126 Follower tiles, 18 Technology tiles, 184 Goods tiles, 2 Bonus tiles, 8 Prohibition tiles, 8 Favorite tiles, 64 coins, 48 Place tiles, 10 Narration cards, 4 Season cards, 1 storage box, 1 Task pad, 4 pencils, 1 starting player token, 1 rulebook, 8 story booklets