Players (2-4), Length (90'), Age (14+)

Designer: Hisashi Hayashi
Illustrations: Ryoko Hayashi, Adam P. Mclver
German Editors: dlp games, atelier 198, Stefan Malz

Year of Release: 2017

EAN der deutschsprachigen Ausgabe: 4-260184-330249
EAN de l'édition française: 4-260184-330256

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years!

Originally a modest fishing village, Yokohama became one of Japan's leading harbour cities at the beginning of the Meiji era. At the centre of this development were the capable merchants from Yokohama, who competed to achieve the greatest possible fame by fulfilling orders, learning foreign technologies and building shops and department stores.

Who will be the most capable merchant in Yokohama today?


30 technology cards, 1 station tile, 10 foreign representatives, 36 order cards, 23 import goods, 68 yen coins, 80 assistants, 4 presidents, 4 counters, 32 shops, 1 scoring track, 12 achievement cards, 20 strength 5 tiles, 6 administration maps, 4 department stores' maps, 24 building site cards, 140 trade goods, 1 starting player card, 16 trading houses, 18 territory maps, 1 rulebook

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The box only contains the German-language game rules. "Version Française", on the other hand, contains the French-language version.