Players (2-5), Length of Play (60-120'), Age (12+)

Designer: Reiner Stockhausen
Illustrations: Klemens Franz
Editors: dlp games, Stefan Malz
Rulesetting: Andrea Kattnig

Year of Release: 2017

Expansion „Missions“ inclusive

EAN: 4-260184-330263

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years!

Rules: Deutsch/Englisch

Expansion: Altiplano: The Traveler

Altiplano is a new bag-building game by Reiner Stockhausen, which has many differences to "Orléans" in addition to some similarities such as the use of tiles from a cloth bag to carry out actions.

Set in the high mountains of the Andes in South America, the Altiplano, players compete to get the best possible yield from the limited resources. The requirements are different for each inhabitant, as each player has a different role and therefore does not have access to all resources at the beginning. During the course of the game, however, expansion cards can be acquired that enable other types of production. In addition, resources are limited and can dry up completely, so a different strategy must be chosen. And of course the other players also try to snatch certain types of goods or expansion cards from each other, so there is a lot of competition. The numerous goods such as fish, alpaca, cocoa, silver or corn all have their own characteristics and areas of use. Silver provides wealth, fish can be exchanged for other goods and alpaca is used for wool production. However, road construction and the creation of a warehouse must also be considered in good time in order to advance production and build up stocks for bad times.


5 action boards, 5 warehouses, 5 game figures, 5 markers, 5 victory point overviews, 5 containers, 7 role cards, 28 extensions, 1 expansion strip, more than 200 goods tiles, 15 carts, 50 coins, 10 house cards, 10 boat cards, 16 order cards, 5 cloth bags, 1 starting player marker, 1 score pad, 20 mission cards (expansion), 1 rulebook (DE/EN)

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