Altiplano: The Traveler


number of players (2-5), game duration (60-120'), clearance for audiences (12+)

Designer: Louis & Stefan Malz, Reiner Stockhausen
Illustrations: Klemens Franz | atelier 198
Editors: dlp games, Louis & Stefan Malz
Graphic design: atelier 198

Year of release: 2018

ISBN: 4-260184-330317

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years!

Note: For this extension you need the base game of Altiplano! Short game variant possible.

In the South American highlands, the Altiplano, a traveler is on his way, enabling the inhabitants of this barren landscape to improve their living conditions through new assets. Whenever you meet him, you can acquire these or exchange rare goods for valuable opals. Beside this, random events influence the inhabitant's life, thus making it even more varied.

The first big expansion of ALTIPLANO requires an even more precise planning of your moves and increases competition for sometime scarce resources. The acquisition of the traveler's assets can increase your own wealth.

ALTIPLANO: THE TRAVELER can also be played without the traveler. In this case, only the events and the new cards (one boat, house, and mission each, plus 5 orders) come into play!


1 trading point, 5 traveler strips, 1 traveler pawn, 5 wooden trading markers, 30 opals, 36 point markers, 37 event cards, 21 asset cards, 1 new house card, 1 new boat card, 5 new order cards, 1 new mission card, 1 score pad, 5 asset summary sheets

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