Bangkok Klongs


Players (2-4), Length (60'), Age (10+)

Designer: Martin Schlegel
Illustrations: Klemens Franz | atelier 198

Year of Release: 2010

EAN: 4-260184-330034

Rules: Deutsch/Englisch/Französisch

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years!

The floating markets of Bangkok form the harmonious backdrop to Bangkok Klongs. The Thai capital is criss-crossed by canals, the so-called Klongs, which gave the game its title. Every day, traders with their fresh goods travel along these klongs to the floating markets. This colourful hustle and bustle is recreated in the game. As the game progresses, the traders and their boats arrive on the initially empty game board. The market fills up until the hustle and bustle is perfect at the end.

The players take turns to place boats in the floating market. It is important to choose the best moorings, as these are decisive for the scores on the market days. Only moorings around which enough boats have gathered are worthwhile, the rest are left empty-handed. But it's not just the market days that count for success, the final evaluation of the warehouse is also important. Those who have prioritised the collection of goods do particularly well.

Bangkok Klongs is Martin Schlegel's 36th game release. Although the theme was initially different, Martin Schlegel is delighted that there is now a game by him that is set in the floating markets, as he has got to know them himself while travelling.

Bangkok Klongs is our third game after Crazykick and Lübeck.


1 game board, 68 wooden trader figures, 72 boats, 8 movement cards, 1 Luk-Phat marker, 1 market master figure, 2 special markers, 1 rule bookleta

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