Players (2-8), Length (15'), Age (8+)

Designer: Reiner Stockhausen
Illustrations: Klemens Franz

Year of Release: 2011

EAN: 4-260184-330072

Rules: German/English/Italian/Spanish/Dutch/Polish

Crazykick, the turbulent card game from dlp games, was already known under the name Fußball-Ligretto. The ingenious game principle was honoured with the Swiss Game Award for "Best Family Game".

Illustrator Klemens Franz has redesigned the box and cards, giving the game an even more footballing atmosphere and greater clarity. The rules of this popular game have of course not been changed.

Crazykick is played quickly. A game lasts 10-15 minutes. The special feature: Everyone plays at the same time. After the kick-off, the players try to get the ball into the opponent's goal. The right card has to be found and discarded quickly. As in the stadium, the team members call out the names of the players to each other. The winner is the team that scores five goals first.


120 cards, 1 set of rules in 6 languages (German, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Polish)