Players (2-4), Length (60-75'), Age (12+)

Designers: Marco Pranzo, Remo Conzadori
Illustrations: Dennis Lohausen
Editors: dlp games, Ralph Bienert
Layout: Andrea Kattnig
3D-Shot: Andreas Resch

Year of Release: 2018

EAN: 4-260184-330300

Rules: German/English/French

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years!

The province of Manitoba in Canada: a wild region with breathtaking scenery and home to the nature-loving Cree Indians. The cycles of the seasons characterise the lives of the Cree, whose tribal chiefs must ensure their material well-being and spiritual development. At the centre of the game is the totem, the legendary symbol of the Indians, which the players can influence and thus determine the possibilities of the other players.

In the end, who will best lead their tribe through the year and its challenges?


36 wooden figures Cree Indians, 66 wooden goods, 1 totem consisting of 5 wooden discs, 2 eagle heads, 6 territory pieces, 1 vision board, 4 player action boards, 1 scoring track, 20 wampum tiles, 26 season cards, 12 scoring tiles, 4 50/100 point tiles, 1 rulebook

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