Orléans Stories 3&4 (Expansion)

Players (2-4), Length (60-120'), Age (12+)

Designer: Reiner Stockhausen
Klemens Franz
Graphic and Layout:
dlp games

Year of Release:

EAN (deutsche Version): 4260184330607
EAN (english version):

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years!

Base Game: Orléans Stories

Info: The base game Orléans Stories is required to play!

Two new stories expand the series build on the bag-building game Orléans Stories. In "The Settlers", a classic competition for victory points takes place, occasionally impaired by an attack. In contrast, "England vs. France" is a 4-player scenario where 2 players always play against 2 others, the special feature being that at the beginning nobody knows who is teamed up with whom.


For "The Settlers":
1 era board, 5 era cards, 1 double-sided beneficial deed, 32 event cards, 1 tile "Hunger eliminated", 13 fame tiles, 4 prohibition tiles, 4 pencils, 1 scoring pad

For "England vs. France":
3 era cards, 2 town tiles, 2 manor farm tiles, 1 double-sided beneficial deed, 10 bonus tiles, 2 nation markers, 12 fame tiles, 4 nation cards, 8 mission cards, 12 "Secret Messages" cards, 1 scoring pad